House Rules

My Professional website is a place to learn about residential mortgages in Canada and questions related to finances. It’s is a place to share stories about your home financing, to get tips and advice for managing your existing mortgages and properties.

It is not a place…

    • to share personal or confidential information – please don’t !
    • to write comments that don’t contribute to the conversation – that includes rants, blasts, or anything else offensive or unproductive
    • to post any advertising or promotional materials
Confidentiality and privacy is paramount. If you have specific questions about your account or services, to protect your privacy, I cannot answer them here. But I’m still available to help, so I can direct you to an appropriate person.

Articles shared from third party websites on this website are just for informational purposes and I do not endorse the writer/s or his/her views in any fashion.

Bottom line? Ponder what you post and be a good on-line citizen. I review all posts and posts that don’t adhere to these house rules will be removed.

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